About US

Founded in 1998, A-TorchMould Limited is located in a coastal city on South China Sea, DongGuan, which boasts good geographical environment and convenient transportaion.

As a professional mould-maker, A-TorchMould Limited was guided by the principles of providing high quality mould and putting the customer first. These same values continue to be at the heart of ATM today.

A-TorchMould Limited widely adopted advanced engineering technology, comprehensively optimizing workflow, positive inflow technical talent. Our mold manufacturing facility has experienced continuous growth since it was established in 1998. Now, A-Torchmould Limited has developed into a company with more than 6000 square meter production plant.

As a manufacture to a body specialized production factory, our main business fields are producing moulds and run mass production for automotive, industrial products, family appliance, computer, toy and telecommunication device, etc.

As an ISO certified corperation, we strictly manage and regulate according to ISO9001 quality management system. At present, the company has more than 20 senior engineers and more than 70 professional technicians. Years of industry experience and innovative spirit of excellence, we constantly provide excellent technology and service to custom design, engineering manufacturing of molds custom parts. At the same time, we will also drive to meet the most stringent world market demands through independent research and development of new products.

Rich Industry Experience

At present, the company has almost 30 senior engineers and professional technicians. Our plenty experiences on mould making will be your reassurance choice for us. We specially recommend our excellent engineers to our new customer. They are professional, responsible, scrupulous, You will save lot of your time and energy when you work with us.

From the original idea to the complete product, we provide full support until your product is finished. Both shifts of our workers are well adapted to the rigorous demands of tight tolerances and short lead-times, whether your need is for prototypes or high volume production tooling.

At the same time, A-TorchMould Limited will also drive to meet the world market demand through the design of new products.

Reliable Product Quality

We have high-precision CNC machining equipments, such as CNC machining center, Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machining, Grinding Machine, Milling Machine, injection machine, etc.  Complex shapes and contours are not a problem for our CNC professionals.

Using all of the latest mold design concepts, our molds are built with precision and made to last. With in-house CNC, EDM, and polishing, we have full control of the mold making process.This enables us to leverage expertise from all functional areas in order to provide the best available solution to the customer’s requirements.

The on-site team offers expertise in sales, engineering, quality control, customer service, and production. Once assigned to a project, the team is responsible for every step of the process from product design through production and ultimately delivery of the product.

In addition, the atmosphere of teamwork and open communication allows us to react quickly to customer requests. We believe this collaborative approach results in the best designed, highest quality part, delivered in the most economical means possible to our customer.

Our Team