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Our experienced team guides each project through every stage of the process: from an idea, to the design, prototype, and testing; to selecting of materials, manufacturing, finishing, assembly and sampling; to injection molding and air/sea shipping. Together with ISO 9001 system and our quality assurance team, we are positioned to provide maximum service, high quality, and on time delivery at competitive pricing.

At A-TorchMould Limited we strive for precision and innovation in everything that we do. Our injection mold products reflect our commitment. As a mould manufacturer, we have numerous clients from all over the world. Our dedication to developing long-term relationships with our clients, employees, and suppliers is key to delivering on our promise.

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Management System and Exploitative Process

Customer RFQ:your RFQ by E-mail with 2D/3D files better with tool spec will be highly appreciated.

Quotation:official quotation will be offered within 3 days with professional information and resonable price

Order Confirmation:sign back the quotation sheet or issue an order by email or fax

Engineering In Charge:part structure,mold structure,plastic/steel material and injection process analyzing and Update 3D/2D part files

Layout Drawing:mold preliminar design will be completed within 3 days against final part 2D/3D files。mould layout drawing will send for customer approval before it is released for mould making.

Material Preparation & Detail Design:mold detail design and steel order at the same time.

Manufacture:an process report with digital maching pictures will send for customer review weekly till themould complete

Mold Sampling:mold tryout after complete process

Sample Inspection:samples will sent for customer approvall by express with parameter & FAI report

Mold Approved:final fully mold inspection will be fulfilled according to customer’s tool specification before shipment

Delivery:the delivery will be handled by professional express,air or ocean shipping companies.

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